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"Awesome! That is the best word to describe our day with Virginia Blue Ridge Wine Tours!  Ginny Saunders (the proprietor and tour guide extraordinaire) picked up my husband and me at our hotel in Charlottesville, VA. As we drove through the picturesque, collegiate downtown area, Ginny asked about our interests. When she found out I was passionate about the Farm to Table Movement, she suggested we stop at the Nelson County Farmers Market before we hit the wineries.  It was a great place and we picked up some neat artisanal items there.  Then we drove off to visit five viticultural sites. Ginny took us to Flying Fox, Cardinal Point, Veritas, Afton Mountain, and Pollak Vineyards.  There was a lot of diversity in the wines at each location, as well as fun quirks and/or fabulous views.  Ginny has great knowledge not only of the grapes and wines but also of the sites and regions themselves. A fantastic perk of the day was the delicious lunch Ginny provided as part of the tour.  We had a blast eating the tasty meal on the grounds of Veritas.  An unexpected benefit we had was that Ginny served as our

What They're Saying!

HOLLY PEARCE, June 4, 2014

photographer - so we have a collection of photos to memorialize the day. (And we didn't need to take a bunch of selfies to do it.)  Overall it was a wonderful memorable day. We are looking forward to setting up another tour with Virginia Blue Ridge Wine Tours!"

CANDACE JAMES, September 11, 2014

"Ginny planned a wonderful day trip for our bachelorette party group of seven.  She took us to four wineries and ended at Blue Mountain Brewery.  She made all of the tasting reservations for us and timed it just perfectly.  At the third winery she presented us with a beautiful homemade lunch in a picnic setting that consisted of baked lasagna, steamed vegetables, French bread, Brie cheese, spring mixed salad with homemade dressing, and  finished off with a red velvet cheesecake.  Ginny was extremely friendly and pleasant to spend the day with.  To top it all off, she took a ton of photos of us throughout the day and uploaded them the next day to her page!  For the price we paid this is a fantastic deal compared  to any other company around!  I highly recommend her company.  It was nothing short of a perfect day!!"


     My husband and I enjoyed the well planned and executed tour.  Ginny, our tour operator picked us up at our hotel for a four hour tour of wineries of our choice.  Wineries were in Afton, Wintergreen and Lovingston, but we visited Veritas Vineyard, Cardinal Point, Afton Mountain, and  Flying Fox Winery.  Ginny was very knowledgeable about her wines, a wine connoisseur, the perfect guide.  The picnic lunch was delish - complete with dessert set on white tablecloth.  We felt pretty special.  The  price was a steal, which included pick-up, lunch al fresca, multiple wineries, a side stop at a farmer's market, and drop off at the hotel.  Ginny offered to take us to a brewery also, but I had consumed quite a bit of wine by the end of the day.  True to their ad, "We Drive..You Imbibe", we had no worries.  We had a great time!


"I want to thank Ginny for all the love and care she placed into making our ladies day away so relaxing.  She is without question the kindest and most thoughtful hostess.  She was knowledgeable about every vineyard and knew all the best spots for photo opportunities. When we were offered a picnic lunch, we could never have imagined what was to be placed in front of us!  She thinks of everything!  Thank you for giving us ladies a day to remember.  Can't wait to do it again!" 

LYNN COOK,  May 27, 2014

"Our group of ladies had the most wonderful day with Ginny and the Virginia Blue Ridge Wine Tours.  Ginny picked us up from our rental house at Wintergreen and the rest of our day was simply delightful.  She started by taking us to the Nelson Farmers Market which was so interesting and gave us a taste of the community.  Next we visited a few wineries.  Lunch, prepared by Ginny, was delicious. While we sipped and tasted wine, she set the most beautiful and welcoming table for us to enjoy her delicious meal.  At our request she also took us to a brewery.  Her main goal seemed only to please and accommodate our group.  I hope we can do this again....SOON!"

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